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on this page we have compiled some information about dendritic cell therapy for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +49-5522-9182581.

Use cases for dendritic cell therapy

Preventing amputation

In situations where a soft tissue tumor could not be removed with sufficient safety margin in healthy tissue, dendritic cell therapy can help prevent recurrence.

Stopping metastasis

When a tumor has a high likelihood of metastasizing (for example, melanoma or adenocarcinoma with lymphatic vascular invasion), dendritic cell therapy can help stop the process of metastasis.

Creating a treatment option

In situations where no other treatment option is available, dendritic cell therapy can help improve the patient's quality of life. This is also true, for example, for inoperable intestinal and abdominal tumors (e.g., liver carcinoma).

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