For Your Horse

Treatment of horses with cancer or tumours

As a horse owner, the diagnosis of a tumour or cancer in your animal is usually a great shock. With dendritic cell therapy we offer you a gentle and immunological alternative to other treatment methods. Our immunotherapy fights the tumour cells in their origin. In addition, dendritic cell therapy aims to improve the quality of life of your animal and increase life expectancy.

Difficulties with conventional treatment methods

The conventional tumour therapy for horses shows many difficulties in the treatment process. There are often few therapy options or these are ineffective. Often, body regions are affected which are difficult to control surgically or cosmetically. In addition, the therapies are often not available on an outpatient basis. Sedation, partial or general anaesthesia is associated with considerable animal and e.g. age-related risks in horses. Recurrences are also frequently observed.
Treatment with dendritic cells is a good alternative or extension of conventional therapies. The tumour disease can be treated effectively and the life expectancy and performance of the horse suffering from cancer can be considerably increased. There is no additional burden on the animal, but a "revival" of the patient through the gentle treatment. Dendritic cell therapy is a stimulation of the entire body's own defence system.
You can also have the immunotherapy performed by one of our partners or by your veterinarian! So your pet will not be exposed to long journeys or additional stress.

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