Advanced training for veterinarians via webinar

Learn about dendritic cell therapy and widen your treatment abilities.

Dendritic cell therapy was developed over 15 years. This offers dogs, cats and horses the possibility of immunological and gentle tumour treatment.
The uncomplicated procedure allows veterinarians to carry out the therapy in their own practice - accompanied by PetBioCell.

To familiarize you even better with dendritic cell therapy for animals, we regularly offer free webinars. In these webinars you can get to know PetBioCell and tumour therapy better and take a look "behind the scenes". In addition, we provide you with case studies. These help you to assess in which situations dendritic cell therapy can be applied to your patients.
If required, we also conduct on-site training courses.

Treat your patients in an uncomplicated way directly in your practice or clinic with dendritic cell therapy.

Current webinar dates: