Dendritic cell therapy for multiple melanoma in horses

  • Patient: Connection D
  • Animal species: Horse
  • Breed: NRPS (Nederlands Rijpaarden en Pony Stamboek ), 17 years old
  • Diagnosis in 2012: melanoma of tail, throat, anal area, chest wall

Treatment with dendritic cells

The patient was treated with one dendritic cell vaccination per month during the treatment cycle from April to June 2019. Further after-treatments for sustainable tumor treatment are planned.

The owner reports the following observations:

We have applied the 3rd treatment on the 5th of June.

The tumors in the anal region have shrunk in size by approximately 50%. The deeper tumors under his throat and behind the elbow are harder to measure, but they also appear to have shrunk in size although maybe not as much.

The tumors on the end of his tail appear to grow more rapidly, but I must admit that I did not keep a good track record of those as they are in a less significant place.

The horse has been feeling well before, during and after treatment. He appears to be able to defecate more easily, which is really important. We were worried about tumors in his lungs, so when he started coughing after the first treatment this really scared me. But that also seems okay now.


Overall, the horse is happy and returns to competition, but has been eliminated from eventing for the time being because his stamina is lower.

I hope that we can delay the next treatment by a few months and that will help him to become more energetic. All in all, I am satisfied with the result so far. I hope he will continue to make progress and get back the energy level he had before.

If not, we will at least be able to provide him with a comfortable retirement.

Thank you for everything so far.